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Founder of Productive Mind

Through Productive Mind, I teach professionals and teams how to be more productive.

During my career working for large companies, I discovered ways to stay afloat in the busyness of business. As an entrepreneur I’m continously perfecting this practice. This allows me to teach others the basic principles of how to produce more (meaningful!) results.

To this end, I offer various workshops, see here.

Trainer at MCMR

MCMR delivers productivity workshops to teams and organizations in the Netherlands that work with Outlook. Through practical sessions (everybody brings their laptop) we teach people how to 1) manage email more effectively with Inbox Zero, 2) set up a personal dashboard and 3) manage their calendar for a more balanced workweek. One of the best things about this work is that I constantly learn new strategies to improve my own productivity 🙂

Partner at Structure & Process

At Structure & Process we support project managers, business leaders and entrepreneurs to develop evolving organisational structures. And we help (online) teams to collaborate more effectively.

Structure & Process runs on Holacracy, an operating system for self-organisation. I love Holacracy because it addresses, if not solves, most of my previous frustrations in traditionally managed companies.


I started my career as a finance professional in multinational companies, where I worked in accounting, controlling and project management roles. Although successful in my work, I experienced profound dissatisfaction with the way companies organise and people collaborate. Basically, I was frustrated with three things: 1) power and decision making being concentrated at the top, 2) the lack of purpose in my work and 3) the ineffectiveness of collaboration (read: too many hours needed to do the work).

In my search for better ways, I stumbled upon Getting Things Done, Holacracy and many other ideas for making work more joyful, energizing and fulfilling.

After a period of travel and reflection, I took the decision to make this, the reinventing of work and collaboration, the focus of my new career.

If I had to describe myself, I’d say I’m a systems improver. I look at systems, see what doesn’t work and come up with ideas to improve them.

Other people have often told me they value my calmness, clarity and organised way of doing things.


Do you have the need to increase your or your team’s productivity? I’d love to work together. Get in touch by emailing me at robvdbrand [at] gmail [dot] com. Or fill out the contact form here.

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